Saturday, April 7, 2012

Take Back Control

It’s the 21st Century and it’s utterly mind blowing how so many sheeple [] are just plain outright unwilling to accept the fact that PCs can live without Anti Virus Software [it is possible]. I guess what I am saying is you don’t have to rely on it like you think you do. With all the options for cloud based backup services, it’s a wonder [or shame] how and why some of us still do not have all of our precious data backed up. External Hard Drive prices have dipped dramatically, so price cannot be an excuse. It’s has to be something else. 

 My comments on the answer to “If the technology exists (and it does) to keep your PC 100% free of viruses/spyware, why wouldn't…” [] have been met with the utmost skepticism and biased disbelief [some of my comments you will read below as well]. I welcome the dialogue, comments, and arguments against what I am saying. It’s almost natural when our society has been led to believe that there is no hope; that you absolutely have to have Anti-Virus Software and there is no other way to combat the problem besides buying their products and/or taking your PC to Geek Squad, Staples, or Comp USA at $200 a pop.

 The brainwashing of the masses by Anti-Virus Giants & the Media has been quite successful if the ability to apply plain old common sense has been thrown out the window. When you think about it, and I mean really think about it [1]…the Hard Drive on any PC can be and IS controlled with permissions; control the permissions, and you control the machine. Multiple software programs exist [2] that allow specific permissions to be controlled by the user effectively [as well as transparently], eliminating the need to cough up $200 every time your computer gets attacked.

With this technology comes the ability to set up and return to a clean baseline snapshot [3], the ability to boot to Windows even with the BSOD, and [my personal favorite] the ability to return to any point in the timeline of snapshots even if your hard drive is accidently reformatted [4]; plus a host of other features and settings. It’s really a fairly simple process in the sense of protection. The software functions at the sector level of the hard drive and restores every bit of data. Chances are very high that you have already experienced this technology.
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I can get into the nuts & bolts of it per anyone’s request, but there isn’t a scenario out there that I have not heard yet that this software cannot handle [5]. Hint…it works below the OS, on the sector level of the hard drive. All the “what ifs” I’ve ever heard have been OS based, at the Operating System level. If your “what if” question involves the OS or anything on the OS level, then chalk one up for the software and a goose egg [zero] for yourself.

 I know this software sounds too good to be true, I do, but it works, rather well. It does not need to reserve any portion of hard disk for “protected data”. The program data structure takes 0.07% of disk space to create up to 60,000 snapshots [sector mapping below the OS level]. You can even mount your snapshots as a virtual drive and recovery individual files/folders.

 This software is all about recovery from viruses and or spyware/malware/trojans, not taming or policing them [6]. Virus and Malware attacks are a given, so why not be protected under any circumstance, without repeat payments? [7].

 Take back control.

 [1] Do take the time to think about this point after reading this sentence, then proceed to the rest of the posting.
[2] Some have existed for more than a decade.
[3] Nothing at all like Windows System Restore, so don’t even go there, nor Mac’s Time Machine. Think > kid on a skateboard versus NASCAR…no comparison.
[4] I do not know of any other software that can do this. Do you?
[5] Not that you would need it, but in all of my scenarios of recovery, I assume the user has a complete back up of his/her entire system; entire hard drive including all partitions, BIOS, etc.
[6] You can recover from any virus/spyware/malware/trojan/worm invasion, user error, botched installation or update, BSOD, even a reformatted hard drive.
[7] Buy the software once, no subscriptions, you are protected for life.


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