Friday, December 30, 2011

GoDaddy Officially Has Name Removed From Judiciary's List Of SOPA Supporters

There was some concern that GoDaddy had only said they were pulling their support for SOPA, but hadn't actually done so. However, the company is now pointing out that it officially asked to be removed from the Judiciary Committee's list of SOPA supporters and that's now been done. I will note, however, that despite the claims that it is no longer supporting SOPA, the Graphic Artists Guild is still listed. Add to this the Judiciary Committee having to scrub the list of a bunch of law firms who never agreed to support the bill, as well as companies like Gibson Guitar, and it seems that the Judiciary Committee is going to be kept busy whittling down this list.

Of course, it's unclear why the Judiciary Committee only puts up a list of (rapidly shrinking) supporters. If it wanted to present the various opinions on the bill, shouldn't it actually show the large and growing list of SOPA opponents?

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